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Life is not easy and Yes, I want to be a computer engineer when I grow up!

Life is not easy and Yes, when I grow up! I want to be a computer engineer!

Worke is 16 years old and is in grade 6. S.E.E.D.S. has been supporting Workes for the last 6 years. They live in a one bedroom house. She lives with her dad and 2 her two brothers. She says paying rent, getting some of her own basic needs as a girl and making time to study is very difficult. Her dad depends on a casual labor job to support the family. Her mom had left so she is responsible for the whole family so there is no time to be a kid. Worke is a very hard working student and she stood 1st and 2nd in her class despite the many challenges she has in her life. Worke attends all the tutorial programs and she says because :I want to be successful I do all my house work and make time for studying." When she grows up she wants to be a chemical engineer. We wish her ALL the Best! Admirable!


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