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What You Can Do To Help

Donate To SEEDS

Your financial contributions are important to the continued education of the children that SEEDS facilitates. Please consider including SEEDS in your charitable giving.


Visit our donation page to give a gift to SEEDS today.

Volunteer for SEEDS

SEEDS would not be able to accomplish its goals without the ongoing support of the many volunteers and supporters of the organization. The running of an international development organization requires the talents, skills and hard work of a variety of people. The following are ways you can contribute towards the vision of SEEDS.

  • Become a member of the society. Through the purchase of a membership you express and exercise ownership in the mission of the organization, through the role of being a society member.

  • Join the Board of Directors. Vacancies occur on a rotating term basis.

  • Volunteer at some of the fundraising events.

  • Sit on a working committee to assist in an important aspect of the organizations work.

  • Offer a special talent you think the organization could benefit from.

  • Tell others about the important work of SEEDS and help to build and strengthen our network of supporters.

  • Many individuals are unable to afford the time to fill a volunteer role, but commit to a yearly donation in support of our work.

  • SEEDS has started to provide volunteer opportunities in Ethiopia. Contact us to explore these opportunities.

To find out more or to discuss these opportunities in more detail, please contact us.

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