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Who We Are

SEEDS was established in 1997 under the name 'Eye of the Horn Project,' by Meheret Worku and her husband Scott Smillie.


When Meheret, who is originally from Ethiopia, and her husband Scott, visited Ethiopia for the first time after Meheret left some 15 years earlier, the two were inspired to offer children in Ethiopia the opportunities that they had been blessed with.


Meheret, a teacher, and Scott, who has a Social Work background, formed the organization on their return to Canada.

Our Projects

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At SEEDS, we use donor support to fund our community development projects. We are in constant dialogue with our partner communities, and we track progress to make sure that our support is as effective as possible. Here is a list of our current projects. To see our past projects, click here.

Biruh Tesfa Primary School - Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa) 
Biruh Tesfa primary school serves many low-income districts of Addis Ababa. The school is close to the oldest garbage dump in the city, where many residents salvage to make a living. The school is also near a regional hospital that treats leprosy.  Many of the students have family members who have been, or require treatment for leprosy. The 135 students that we sponsor in this community are able to attend school, have a uniform, and access learning supplies like books and pencils. We sponsor 100 students at this school who otherwise would be unable to afford formal education. Students are assessed on an individual basis to determine their specific situation and needs.

Ewket Lefre Secondary School (Addis Ababa) - New Initiative: Lunch and Snack Support for High School Students:

We are thrilled to announce that 25 of our students successfully passed the grade eight government exam and have transitioned to high school. Despite facing challenges such as inadequate shelter, food scarcity, limited medical support, and insufficient clothing, these students have persevered with determination, thanks to the support they've received. Witnessing their achievements is a source of immense pride for all of us at S.E.E.D.S.


A new challenge has emerged for our high school students. Unlike their time in elementary school, they no longer receive lunch at school. In response to their request, we are launching a new initiative to ensure that these students receive the nourishment they need to focus on their studies and thrive in their high school journey.

Amanuel Primary Schools 1, 2 & 3  - Amanuel
There were a total of 160 students between three schools that we sponsor in the Amanuel area. Amanuel is located a 7 hour drive north of Addis Ababa in the Gojjam region of Ethiopia. SEEDS has supported these schools by providing funding for the childrens' school expenses, as well as for desks and other capital items for the schools. In addition, SEEDS has funded water and sanitation projects for the schools which the entire community benefits from.


SEEDS work in Amanuel ended at the end of June 2021. 



SEEDS acknowledges the generous support from the Government of Alberta Community Initiative Fund

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