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I will be a Pilot....I wont give up!

Name:- Abrham Age:- 18 Grade:- 8

He have been with SEEDS the last 7 years. He lives alone. This past year has been tough as he was hospitalized and had surgery. The main support he received when he was home was from his friends and his kind neighbors. S.E.E.D.S. staffs were able to find people that could pay his rent , over his food cost and cover some of the medical support he needed as he was recovering from his surgery. Thank you to , Ato Melaku for paying his rent for 12 months. He does some casual labor job to earn some money while he is going to school. He is now back at school and he is one of our students that is selected to be part of income generation program. He is making candles and selling it to earn some money to buy food , pay for rent and other things he needs. His wish is if S.E.E.D.S. or someone can buy him a candle making machine so he can make candles and sell candles, earn money and support himself and will continue on his school without worrying about his rent and his next meal all the time.

He is back at school and doing well. His does very well at school and is involved with student council mentoring others. He tells us that "he wont give up as he wants to be a pilot when he grows up!" Wishing him all the best!

Love his positive mind set!


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