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Congratulations (June 2022)

Congratulations to Temsegen! We wish him All the Best! Temesgen completed grade 8 this this school year and he has been supported by S.E.E.D.S the last 6 years. Temsegen is now leaving Biruh Tesfa School and moving to another school to attend grade 9 -12, as we support our students only until Grade 8 unless the student is not in a situation that needs our involvement.

Congratulations Temesgen S.E.E.D.S wishes you all the best! Temesgen was supported by S.E.E.D.S. for the past 6 years because of his family situation. Temesgen lives with his mother and his father has passed away. His mom is mostly sick.

His mom’s job is collecting recycle bottles from the dump (Koshe). S.E.E.D.S accepted him because they could not afford school supplies and buy uniforms.


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