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Our Projects

At SEEDS, we use donor support to fund our community development projects. We are in constant dialogue with the community, and track progress to make sure that our support is as effective as possible. Below is a list of some our major projects that our donors have enabled over the past years.

Current Projects

Biruh Tesfa Primary School - Addis Ababa

Biruh Tesfa primary school serves many low-income districts of Addis Ababa. The school is close to the oldest garbage dump in the city, where many residents salvage to make a living. The school is also near a regional hospital that treats leprosy. Many of the students have family members who have been, or require treatment for leprosy. The students that we sponsor in this community are able to attend school, have a uniform, and access learning supplies like books and pencils. We sponsor 100 students at this school who otherwise would be unable to afford formal education. Students are assessed on an individual basis to determine their specific situation and needs.​

Amanuel Primary Schools 1, 2 & 3 - Amanuel

There are a total of 160 students between three schools which we sponsor in the Amanuel area. Amanuel is located a 7 hour drive north of Addis Ababa in the Gojjam region of Ethiopia. SEEDS has supported these schools by providing funding for the childrens' school expenses, as well as for desks and other capital items for the schools. In addition, SEEDS has funded water and sanitation projects for the schools which the entire community benefits from.

Past Projects

Mesrack del Elementary School - Addis Ababa SEEDS originally supported eleven children to attend school at Mesrack del Elementary School. Some of these children have now graduated from high school and have gone on to attend trade school or, in some instances, medical school. SEEDS now supports fifty children attend the school of their choice by paying school fees, providing mandatory school uniforms, providing a change of clothes and any other supplies necessary. Also at Mesrack del Elementary School, SEEDS was able to provide support to over 40 children so that they could attend a full day, non-profit, private school program. This support included: payment of school fees, mandatory uniforms, extra clothing, meals, and recreational activities. SEEDS also has made a donation of computers and books to the school library.

SEEDS has also set up a micro-credit business for the families of our supported children. So far, 39 families have borrowed money from us to start up their own business to be able to eventually support their families themselves.

We have also partnered with the Kebele (local community municipal authority) in choosing the most needy families to be helped. This initiative has provided support to children and families by paying for school fees, mandatory uniforms, soap and hygiene materials.

Legadi Elementary School - Sendafa Legadi is the only elementary school in Sendafa (a community located 38 miles north of Addis Ababa. SEEDS is currently supporting 71 children to attend school by purchasing mandatory school uniforms, shoes and other needed supplies. We are currently looking into acquiring a plot of land to start a school garden for the children and families to learn about nutrition and gardening and start to grow their own vegetables.

Wolo Project & Amdework Secondary School - Chila We operated in Chila, a remote village which lacks electrical power, sanitation systems, water systems, and reliable roads. At this location we have supported 35 children (primarily girls) to attend the primary school and provided financial support to the families. SEEDS also provided funding for the development of a water well. In addition, we offer support and supplies to the secondary school in nearby Amdework. Sekota Preschool - Sekota We originally supported 50 children to attend pre-school in Sekota. SEEDS was able to find medical attention and support for a family of 6 orphans who were suffering from severe goiders. All 6 have now been treated and are being taken care of by a social services equivalent in the area. We have now transitioned out of this community. SEEDS has since partnered with local sponsors or other organizations in the area to support the 50 children.

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